Sammy Epperson started SJE Photography in 2017. Having previously worked for a large real estate photography company, Sammy decided to go on her own to include various other avenues, such as multifamily. Her keen eye, creativity, and personalized service set Sammy apart from others in the industry. She is able to highlight the best qualities of a property to bring out its personality; creating a brand for the property and ownership.
Jason Epperson puts the ā€œJā€ in SJE Photography! As SJE has grown, Jason has become more involved and as we expand our services in 2021, he hasofficially come on board to assist with sales, marketing, and drone photography/video. For over 20 years Jason worked in multifamily as a Regional Director. Jason offers a unique perspective for our clients having worked directly with owners, investors, brokers, developers, and property management companies in the sale, acquisition, operations, branding, and marketing of countless multifamily properties throughout Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Arkansas.
We are excited to be able to work together to provide the highest quality and personalized photography/media services for our clients commercial, real estate, and multifamily properties.
SJE Photography